Aquapac’s NEW 100% Waterproof iPhone case – a perfect fit

Waterproof iPhone case

In response to consumer demand, Aquapac has launched a 100% waterproof case specifically for the iPhone.

Previously, Aquapac’s mini and small Whanganui cases were used to protect iPhones from water, dirt and sand.  This new iPhone case has been cut-down in size so the fit is better and more compact.

As with all of Aquapac’s phone cases you can make calls, send texts and search through the case as well as take photos thanks to the Lenzflex™ window in the rear of the case. 

If taking your phone into the water this summer to take photos or listen to tunes then you know your phone will be safe and dry thanks to Aquapac’s water-tight clamp mechanism – the patented Aquaclip® - which seals out water and sand.  Guaranteed to IPX8 [Tested by Imperial College London] they’ll cope underwater at depths of up to 5m for one hour.

SRP: £20