Wellsfield Trout Fishery

Another busy week at Wellsfield Fishery, the frequent stocking of up to 4 times per week at the moment, is producing significant catches for trout anglers.

All three lochans fished well this week for those fly fishing and bait fishing.  Many anglers bagger their fish limits catching Rainbow Trout, Blue Trout and Brown Trout. The average weight was just over 3lb 2oz per fish. 

Mr P Tanner (Kirkintilloch) caught a 16lb 12oz Rainbow Trout on a Nymph.
Mr Robert Hood (Kilsyth) caught a 16lb 8oz Rainbow Trout on the fly.
One Red £50 Prize Tag was caught this week by lucky angler B McMenemy (Bonnybridge).

Best flies: Ugly Buggers, Minkies, Yellow Dancer, Black Tadpole, HH Damsel, Diawl Bachs, Bloodworm, Buzzers on an intermediate tip. Best Baits: Ledgered Worms, Maggots, Small Mepps.
Best Catches for this week:
A Carter (Bathgate) 5 for 25lb, best 13lb 8oz rainbow trout,
C Wilson (Alloa) 5 for 18lb, best 7lb rainbow,
B Johnstone (Bo’ness) 5 for 16lb, best 4lb,
G Henderson (Camelon) 5 for 15lb 8oz,
E Dickson (Bonnybridge) 5 for 15lb, 
R Thomson (Polmont) 5 for 15lb,
I Allan (Stirling) 5 for 15lb,
S Menzies (Stirling) 5 for 12lb 12oz,
C Bow (Falkirk) 5 for 15lb,
S Brotherton (Alloa) 4 for 12lb,
D Nichol (Plean) 4 for 12lb,
S Shearer (Cumbernauld) 4 for 12lb,
S Lowrie (Airdrie) 4 for 12lb,
A Downie (Grangemouth) 4 for 12lb,
J Davitt (Stirling) 4 for 11lb 8oz,
D Batchelor (Airth) 4 for 11lb,
R Hood (Kilsyth) 3 for 22lb 3oz, best 16lb 8oz rainbow trout,
A Couper (Stirling) 3 for 11lb, best 5lb rainbow,
J Murtha (Moodiesburn) 3 for 11lb, best 5lb rainbow,
I Dow (Bonnybridge) 3 for 10lb,
T Green (Fife) 3 for 9lb 8oz,
S Murray (Doune) 3 for 9lb 8oz,
B Hardie (Callander) 3 for 9lb 8oz,
P McCluckie (Alloa) 3 for 9lb 8oz,
J Munro (Perth) 3 for 9lb,
J Scougall (Airdrie) 3 for 9lb,
T Scott (Johnstone) 3 for 9lb,
S Duff (Alyth) 3 for 9lb,
E Marshall (Queensferry) 3 for 9lb,
J McVetis (Dunfermline) 3 for 9lb,
B Robertson (Cowie) 3 for 9lb,
B Clarkston (Kilsyth) 3 for 9lb,
J Freaty (Alloa) 3 for 9lb,
D Westwater (Airth) 3 for 8lb,
B Conroy (Carronshore) 3 for 8lb,
P Tanner (Kirkintilloch) 2 for 19lb 12oz, best 16lb 12oz rainbow trout,
R Watson (Grangemouth) 2 for 8lb, best 5lb rainbow trout,
E Marshall (Queensferry) 2 for 7lb 4oz,
G Cuthell (Grangemouth) 2 for 6lb 8oz,
R Kilgower (Grangemouth) 2 for 6lb,
B Lennon (Airdrie) 2 for 6lb,
J Carins (Perth) 2 for 6lb,
J Brooks (Grangemouth) 2 for 6lb,
D Wilson (Dunfermline) 2 for 6lb,
M Robertson (Tullibody) 2 for 6lb,
W Caddiss (Stirling) 2 for 6lb,
I McGuire (Hamilton) 2 for 6lb,
W Battles (Coatbridge) 2 for 6lb,
D Horne (Stirling) 2 for 6lb,
Lapsley Jnr (Bonnybridge) 2 for 6lb,
J Webster (Glasgow) 2 for 6lb,
J McGuire (Hamilton) 2 for 5lb 8oz,
D Cairns (Moodiesburn) 2 for 5lb 8oz,
Lapsley Snr (Bonnybridge) 2 for 5lb 8oz,
M Brooks (Grangemouth) 1 for 4lb,
D Waite (Airdrie) 1 for 4lb,
D Cairns (Airdrie) 1 for 4lb,
J Marshall (Stirling) 1 for 4lb,
S Nunn (Cardenden) 1 for 4lb,
J Harrison (Dunfermline) 1 for 4lb.

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16lb 12oz Rainbow Trout
P Tanner (Kirkintilloch) 16lb 12oz Rainbow Trout – Wellsfield Fishery

Rainbow Trout
Robert Hood (Kilsyth) 16lb 8oz Rainbow Trout – Wellsfield Fishery