Good top of the water sport during the evening rises at Wellsfield with flies such as dries, Hoppers, CDC’s and Buzzers is providing lots of sport. The late night evening fishing sessions till 10pm are ongoing. All 3 ponds are fishing very well at the moment for fly and bait anglers.

Wellsfield Fishery is offering discounts to school kids during the summer holidays.  Discounts are also available for Juniors and Parents with children permits for bait and fly fishing.  Rod Hire is available for beginners.  Bait is also on sale at the fishery.

The average fish size was 3lb 3oz, with many fish at the 4lb–5lb mark plus the occasional specimen. Bait anglers have found Meps, Taz’s, Tobys, Rainbow Powerbait and Maggots to be most successful.

One specimen fish was caught this week – a cracking 11lb rainbow for H Donaldson (Falkirk) using a Polystickle lure in his 3 for 17lb.  

Some good bags this week include:
Dodds (Falkirk) 5 for 18lb, best 7lb, McTaggart (Airth) 5 for 17lb, best 6lb 5oz, Watson (Larbert) 5 for 16lb 8oz, best 5lb 8oz, Rogers (Falkirk) 5 for 16lb, best 5lb, Urquart (Denny) 5 for 16lb, best 4lb 14oz on bait, Thomson (Falkirk) 5 for 15lb, best 4lb on bait, Ogilivie (Camelon) 5 for 15lb, best 4lb, Manson (Stirling) 5 for 15lb 8oz on bait, Devine (Falkirk) 4 for 15lb, best 5lb 8oz, Reid (Bonnybridge) 4 for 14lb, best 5lb, Fletcher (Bannockburn) 4 for 13lb, best 4lb, Henderson (Dunipace) 4 for 12lb, Petrie (Livingston) 4 for 1llb on bait, Ritchie (Perth) 3 for 10lb, best 4lb,  Laird (Falkirk) 3 for 10lb 8oz on bait, McKie (G’Mouth) 3 for 10lb on bait, Kirkwood (Kirkintilloch) 3 for 10lb, best 4lb, A Ritchie (Lochgelly) 3 for 8lb 8oz, Peem McMeechan (Fallin) 3 for 10lb returned, Hamilton (Stirling) 2 for 8lb, best 4lb 8oz, J Conroy (Carronshore) 2 for 7lb 8oz, best 4lb, Hunter (Sauchie) 2 for 7lb, best 4lb, Davidson (Slammannan) 2 for 7lb, Graham (Stirling) 2 for 7lb, best 4lb, Turnbull (Tilly) 2 for 7lb, best 4lb on bait, M Codona (Kirkintilloch) 2 for 6lb 8oz,
Davis (Cumbernauld) 2 for 6lb 8oz on bait, McKintosh (Falkirk) 2 for 6lb.

Wellsfield is a Troutmasters Venue and is stocked with trout from 2lb to 20lb .  It is stocked with Prize £50 Yellow and £500 White tagged trout.  Catch a tagged trout and win the money!  Call (01324) 822800 or 07729 303215 or try


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