ACE Director and Greys Consultant, Max Cottis and his wife, Cheryl had a highly successful trip to Winton's in France landing a total of 68 Carp topped by the new lake record of 61lb 7oz.

Their catch which consisted of the sixty along with a 40.05 PB for Cheryl backed up with  27x30's, 27x20's and 12 doubles all of which fell to either Cell Snowman rigs and Mainline Pineapple pop-ups fished over  beds of Cell boilies and Winton's own particle mix, coupled with Mainline Activated Hempseed ground bait.

Max CottisMax told Hardy & Greys Ltd;
"We love Winton's in France and have been regular visitors for the past five years. We always try to get a couple of trips in each year as the fishing is first class which, coupled with the atmosphere, surroundings and facilities make this our favourite holiday venue.

"Arriving on Saturday morning Cheryl and I set up and visited the local supermarket to stock up on provisions before putting our rods out early evening. Action was instant and by the time darkness fell we had already caught eight fish.

"The next day the alarms were screaming and the Winton's Carp we're regularly filling our landing nets!  The action remained constant up until Wednesday evening when I caught the big one, then as a result of the warm temperatures the fish just switched off - clearly in anticipation of spawning. The remainder of the week produced the odd fish but the lack of action was evident right up until the end of the week when we reluctantly packed up and handed over to the next group coming on."

Tackle used by the couple included 12' 3.25lb Greys Torsion rods coupled with Daiwa Basia reels loaded with 15lb ACE Velocity Camo Carp mono, Size 6 LS Arma-Point hooks to 20lb ACE Camo-Core hooklinks.

Cheryl Cottis
Cheryl Cottis