Women get hooked on fishing at Hornsea

Women in the East Riding of Yorkshire are being encouraged to have a go at coarse fishing with help from the Environment Agency on Sunday 27 August.

Angling coaches will be on hand at the Far Grange Nature Reserve at Skirlington, Hornsea, to promote the benefits of the country's most popular sport.

The angling taster sessions are taking place at Far Grange Lake, at Far Grange Nature Reserve, in partnership with its angling club. The Environment Agency has previously undertaken habitat conservation work at the site and built fishing platforms from recycled plastic, to make fishing more accessible to disabled anglers.

Pete Turner, fisheries officer at the Environment Agency said: “Taster days are a great opportunity to get an introduction to fishing. There are many social benefits to angling and we aim to help more people from all backgrounds to enjoy the simple pleasures of going fishing, and at the same time help them appreciate and protect their environment.”

Research has shown that women express high levels of interest in angling but only make up about 5% of people buying rod licences, compared to the USA where 26% of anglers are women.  

Four million anglers already participate in England and Wales' most popular pastime. Fishing is fun and it is an ideal, inexpensive and easy sport for young people to try.

There are a number of angling participation events coming up in the area for all people to take part in.

Those interested in booking a free place on the taster day at Far Grange should contact Frances Nicholson on 0113 213 4848. The event runs from 10am to 3pm.

The sessions are part of the Environment Agency's ongoing commitment to attract an extra 200,000 people to fishing in the next 10 years.  

The Environment Agency's Angling Participation strategy aims to encourage people of all ages and backgrounds to take up the sport, and promote the health and social benefits to be gained.