Fishing a running leger setup is one of the most simple yet effective methods of legering. Deadly on rivers and stillwater alike, mastering this simple rig will catch you many a fish.

How do I do it?

Slide a bomb onto your mainline, followed by a bead and then a leger stop. Onto that mainline connect your hooklength, or if you prefer fish with the hook "straight through" connected directly to your mainline.

Why does it work?

The reason this rig is known as the "running rig" is when the fish takes the baited hook it can move away freely, as the line will slide away from the bomb. This will then trigger a bite, either by means or a quiver tip, bobbin, buzzer or any other method. The fish should feel little resistance, allowing the bite to be detected in time to strike and connect with the fish. The bead is in place to protect the leger stop from the bomb swivel. Many anglers use a swivel in place of the leger stop, to allow a pre-made hooklength to be used as terminal tackle. This rig can easilly be used for carp fishing, though stronger tackle would be recomended than with other styles of angling. As with all rigs, the fish should not be tethered should the line break. This is clearly the case with tihis rig, as the line will easilly slide through the bomb, leaving the fish free to swim off.

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Chris Shaw

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