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Hammerhead Shark Taking A 100lb+ Tarpon

**WARNING - THIS VIDEO CONTAINS SWEARING** A recent surf around the YouTube website showed that there are now more fishing videos on there than ever.One which caught my eye was this one of a hammerhead shark taking an angler's tarpon. The person who uploaded the video said:"After a 1 hour fight on this low to


Economic Benefits of Angling •    In the document published in 1991 by the UK Sports Council (‘Angling - An Independent Review'), the annual spend by anglers in the UK was calculated at £1.2 billion (£1,200,000,000), excluding VAT (see page 9). This research was based on Angling Foundation's 1989 socio-economic research using a representative base of

The Epsom Angling Society ~ A Brief History

The Society is one of the Borough's oldest sports clubs, the first record we could find was in a local directory for 1888, we have taken this date as our “starting” point. We are probably a little older, we are affiliated to CALPAC (Central Association of London & Provincial Angling Clubs) and believe we were

Out From the Frame – Using Photoshop CS2

Photography Guide

Bass Fishing Redneck Style! – Video Clip

This is a clip I stumbled across and, to be honest, I don't quite know how to describe it! It was already entitled "Bass Fishing Redneck Style" on YouTube, so I'll leave it at that! It's just one of those clips that makes you think, "What the.....?!" Press play and enjoy some strange entertainment from