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Underarm Cast

Pier fishing is a great spectator sport. Gives me a laugh, anyway. The matches on Southend pier are fraught with incident mainly because it is mandatory to perform an underarm cast, rather than the more usual 'wallop it overhead' stylie. There are, more often than not and especially in decent weather, punters walking the mile

Yateley Carp Fish-In

The bankside view at the Split Lake, YateleyAllan Stone, of 'Stoney and Friends, was at it again at the weekend - raising money for the Macmillan Nurses - ably assisted by Dave Green. Dave had been sponsored not to fish, the reason being that when he does, he is forever reeling in his rods 'to

A Weighty Problem

When I was at the height of fishing widowhood and living with a houseful of anglers there were times when their strange habits encroached upon my sanity to a marked degree. Looking back on it now I wonder how on earth I managed to survive. In between looking after the family, cooking, cleaning, washing, ironing

Busman's Holidays

The Chief Angler is off for yet another week’s fishing next month – Guernsey, this time, shark hunting. Don’t get me wrong, I have no beef with him going away without me – in fact it’s like a holiday for me when he does. For a whole seven days I can do exactly as I

If The Carpet Fits…

Observations From A Fishing Widow