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Off The Hook

The sequel to The Fishing Widow's Guide out soon...

Rosie's Fish Pie

Step-By-Step Guide To Turning Your Catch Into Your Dinner

A La Carp Diary

We arrived at à la Carp at 10.30 a.m. after a smooth, comfortable, overnight crossing – but rough breakfast cuisine (why is it always?) – aboard a P & O ferry, to be greeted on the patio of his house, overlooking the lake, by Martin Chard, owner of the fishery and immediate supplier of a

Gull-ible Sharks

In amongst the multitude of photos taken during the Irish holiday was this one of Gulliver looking as if he has just emerged from a full cycle, heavy soil, fast spin session in a washing machine. Not too far from the truth, as it turns out. David, eldest son, told me about it. Gulliver!They had

Thieving Anglers

I always have the most dreadful time keeping hold of freshly cooked, in advance, food as it cools off in readiness for the freezer. My family have squirrel tendencies and, when I'm in cooking mode, seem to develop a compulsion to walk in and out of the kitchen, filching the odd morsel on the way