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Fiddling With Yer Tackle

Rosie always has a job selecting the right rod! With the start of the so-called close season I began to think about tradition. There seems to be less and less of it about, these days. I admit to being dragged, kicking and screaming into the 21st century – born too late, that’s me – but

Fund Wray'ser

A few weeks ago I was invited, by Allan Stone – of the ‘Stoney and Friends’ charity for Macmillan nurses – to spend the weekend, bivvied up at RMC Angling’s Wraysbury 2 lake, in Berkshire. ‘It’s a pike-in, Rosie,’ said Allan. ‘I know it’s not what you’re used to but pike anglers are a decent

Terminal Boredom

"I'm enjoying this, honest, I am!"Sometimes the fishing aboard charter boats is so slow that terminal boredom can set in with startling rapidity. Captive anglers become restless after a surprisingly short time, partly because they know there's no turning back and by the time they find out that the day is going to be

Hubble, Bubble, Toil and Trouble… Ten easy steps to making your own boilies

1. Clear the sink. Or get your wife/partner to do it for you since it is women’s work, washing up. My chief angler recoiled in horror because there was a fork left in ours – ‘Can’t do anything until the sink’s cleared,’ he said – and walked away from it. Seems that if you have

Lunatic Fringe

Neil Williams - A Member Of The Lunatic Fringe! I quite often meet members of the lunatic fringe in this job. Slightly insane anglers are, I’m pleased to say, not too thin on the ground – in fact, I’ve encountered so many that I’m beginning to think there must be something in the water…….if only