Battenkill Large Arbor Trout Game Reel

It seems that Orvis only make beautiful fishing tackle, and this Battenkill Large Arbor Trout Game Reel enforces that. Designed for big trout, it looks almost too good to use!

However, it's engineered to provide a lifetime of service, so take a look at what Orvis say about it and then visit the Orvis website to see even more examples of their art....

Battenkill Large Arbor Trout Game ReelThe new BLA Trout reel offers you the perfect combination of large arbor performance in a lightweight design.

Plus, the most dependability in a large arbor reel, all while giving you maximum backing capacity and quicker line pick up for big fish; the BLA III, for instance retrieves 3 times faster than the BBS III and 1½ times faster than the BMA III.

Plus the smooth and reliable carbon and stainless center disc drag with a one-way rollerbearing handles those big fish.

Numbered, indexed drag knob with positive clicks for each setting means repeatable adjustments on the fly.

Each reel machined from durable yet lightweight 6061 bar-stock aluminum with a hard anodized aluminum bushing for ultralight weight.

The perfect reel for your Helios rod. In black, gold, titanium.

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