Black Tackle Box Bundle

If you need to stock up on end tackle, then check out this outstanding Black Tackle Box Bundle offer containing Tail Cones, Swivels, Rig Tubing, Back Lead Clips and Carp Hooks – all supplied in a multi compartment tackle box for just £10.99 with free delivery (at the time of publishing).

The set contains; 10 Camo Green Carp Safety Clips and 10 Camo Green Rubber Cones, 2m of Camo Green Sinking Rig Tube, 15 Camo Green Shock Beads 6mm, 10 Brown Carp Safety Clips and 10 Brown Rubber Cones, 2m of Brown Sinking Rig Tube, 15 Brown Shock Beads 6mm, 20 Carp Fishing Rolling Barrel Swivels size 8, matt black. 10 Back Lead Clips and rubbers to make any lead with a swivel become a Back Lead (colour not optional comes with black subject to availability) and 20 Premium Barbless Carp Fishing hooks approx 5 of each size 6's, 8's, 10's and 12's, (you can choose either 20 straight or 20 offset shanked hooks when you go to buy it now).

Black Tackle Box Bundle

Purchased separately, this lot would cost a small fortune, so grab yourself a bundle box and get saving! CLICK HERE to see if there are any left.

We found this fantastic offer in the allyourtackleneeds eBay store, and they’ve got hundreds more quality tackle set offers and also stock everything from carp bait to bite indicators, so be sure to check out their other listings.

With over 8000 customers and positive feedback rating of over 99% (at the time of publishing), you should be assured of a quality service and a quality product.

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