Cheap Digital Cameras

When sea fishing, I often take a few fish home to eat. Any others go back to fight another day. If they're a decent size, they get photographed!

Carp fishing, for me, is all about the memories and the photographs. In fact, the same applies to all of my freshwater fishing.

There is a vast range of digital cameras available to the angler these days and the prices can vary immensely from dealer to dealer. It is so annoying when you buy an item and then find another dealer selling it a lot, lot cheaper.

I've been observing Argos Clearance Bargains for some time now. As the official Argos clearance outlet, they sell a lot of digital cameras at very keen prices. Also, as an Argos outlet, they sell a wide range, from point-and-squirt compact digital cameras right up to top-of-the-range digital SLR cameras.

Most of these cameras are new, some are classed as 'refurbished'. If you look at their link to product definitions, you'll see that most of these items are still brand new and still come with a one-year warranty!

I used to work for Argos, running the warehouse side of things firstly in their Felixstowe branch, and then in the busy Ipswich store. I also used to travel around to help out other stores who had difficulty with their stockrooms, so I've seen the back-end of Argos, so to speak, and am well aware of how these products come to be so cheap!

Cheap Digital CameraFirstly, the catalogue range is changed every six months. This means that a lot of stuff is discontinued and it is often far cheaper to sell it off cheaply, rather than having it take up space in shops all over the country. You'd probably be amazed at how small some Argos shop stockrooms are – they rely on frequent deliveries and space is very much at a premium! As a member of staff, I used to pick up some fantastic bargains like this!

Secondly, Argos stores offer a moneyback guarantee on their products, so many people buy something, take it home, find it's not quite what they want and then return it. These are sent back to a main warehouse for sorting and often sold cheaply just because the packaging has been opened. This is particularly the case with digital cameras, as a lot of people will buy an expensive camera and then freak out when they see an instruction booklet showing all the features!

Anyway, my point is that it is well worth keeping an eye on Argos Clearance Bargains for cheap digital cameras. The range is good, the prices equally as good and they have a good reputation to maintain. They're also UK-based, which can be very reassuring when buying cameras online. Things can go wrong with any product, but at least you know that you'll have a reputable company to deal with if they do.

If you're unsure what camera suits your needs, please pay a visit to our photography forum, where other anglers may offer you advice.

Of course, Argos Clearance Bargains don't just sell cameras. Use the links on their page to view their entire range, which includes laptops, mobile phones, video games, sporting goods and a whole lot more. They even stock a small amount of fishing tackle!

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