Delkim Tx-i Plus Bite Alarm

In Brief
Delkim bite alarms must surely be classed as the ‘Daddy’ when it comes to quality, performance and durability – and what’s more, each and everyone is still made with pride in Great Britain. Make missed bites a thing of the past with this quality offering from Delkim.

Product Review
The Delkim Tx-i Plus is Delkim’s top of the range bite alarm packed full of features and fully compatible with the RX Plus Pro 6 LED Mini Receiver. The main advantage Delkim bite alarms have over competitors is that there are no moving parts. The line actually sits over a highly sensitive vibrating sensor plate, rather than on a wheel, which on many alarms can be prone to malfunction during adverse weather conditions. No matter what the weather can throw at you, the Tx-i Plus will always perform. A truly stunning piece of kit which boasts the following features;

- Tried and tested vibration sensing. Delkim's patented system uses digital & microprocessor technology giving proportional indication of line speed/vibration with no moving parts whatsoever.
- Integral FM radio transmitter
- Unique individual transmitter codes to prevent activation of other users receivers
- Anti theft alarm transmits an audible and visual warning that the alarm has been switched off
- Radio test and easy access range check with run override, confirms operation of radio and enables the user to check the range
- External coil aerial in tough sealed tube
- Two sensitivity ranges set by a switch, with additional fine rotary adjustment for setting optimum sensitivity level, to cover all conditions
- High volume, adjusting from zero to over 100dB
- Wide tone range, high to low with unique alternating alarm mode tone
- Large rotary controls, adjusting sensitivity, volume & tone
- Twin clear super bright high visibility flash and latch LEDs
- Multi-function colour coded push button, changes LED modes plus checks volume & tone
- Variable LED modes, 5 combinations for changing light conditions with high, medium & low brightness plus NiteLite Mode
- Patented Delkim NiteLite Mode. When set the twin LEDs glimmer continuously for night marking, eliminating the need for betalights
- NiteLite output socket for connection of optional Delkim NiteLite Illuminated Visual Indicator
- Speaker and battery condition test operates at switch on. Battery condition is monitored continuously
- Low battery and battery fail audible warnings
- Stainless steel hardware - speaker, bolt etc.
- Hard cover for total protection, also available as an optional extra (fits all models including original Delkim)
- Minimum years battery life using a MN1604 battery (Supplied and fitted FOC)
- Recognisable Delkim case design
- Delkim's legendary all-weather reliability
- 2 year guarantee
- Available in Flame Red, Emerald Green, Sunburst Yellow, Electric Blue, Brilliant White & Purple Haze    
- Three lighting levels: maximum, optimum, economic, to adapt the light to the activity
- Light body can be tilted vertically to change light direction
- Modular design adapts to the situation to maximize burn time or minimize the weight on the head

Delkim Tx-i Plus Bite AlarmBrand Synopsis
The story goes....In the late 1970's, carp anglers DEL Romang and KIM Donaldson put their names together to form DELKIM. The idea for today's Delkim actually came to Del in a dream in 1983; when he woke up with a start in the early hours and ran naked downstairs to run a piece of fishing line across the stylus of his record deck! The resulting Patent Application invented the Delkim Vibration System which took nine years of intensive development until 1992 for Del to perfect, and the rest, as they say, is history!

Reliability in a box! That’s what you get with Delkim. In their various guises they have been the weapon of choice for discerning carp anglers for many years, offering unflappable bite detection in any weather. The Tx-i Plus is the culmination of years of expertise in digital & microprocessor technology, attractively placed into a little box of magic that will never let you down – once you’ve had your first one-toner on a Delkim, you’ll never go back to anything else!.

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