Drennan Eyed Barbless Carp Method Hooks

We recently started a competition, the idea being that readers of Anglers' Net spot bargains, tell us about it and win a prize. You can see the 'rules' by CLICKING HERE.

The response was, to be frank, underwhelming! Nearly a month went by with no entries and, to be honest, I'd given up hope.

However, along cam e a new registration to our forum. A member by the name of 'JadeSavvery', and our first entry was received. After the that, the floodgates opened....well, we got two more entries, anyway!

So, here's the first bargain reported by an Anglers' Net reader, for which they win a prize.....

Drennan Eyed Barbless Carp Method HooksNot every internet bargain saves you hundreds of pounds. In fact, it's the everyday items of fishing tackle which people often don't bother looking for online, as the postage cost is often prohibitive. However, at an 'all in' price of just £1.29 (i.e. this includes delivery), these Drennan Eyed Barbless Carp Method Hooks won't break the bank. CLICK HERE to view them now on eBay.

According to the listing;
“The Drennan Carp Method hook is an extra strong eyed barbless pattern hook and is ideal when used in conjunction with hair rigs.
This design definitely hooks more carp, especially when used with the method feeder.
They are produced with a ground, chemically etched needle point in super high carbon steel and even the smallest sizes can be fished with confidence on 8lb or 10lb mono or braid.”

At the time of writing, the hooks were on sale by 'SPECIALISED ANGLING CENTRE' in sizes 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18 and 20. CLICK HERE to see if there are any left.

Tight lines!