Hi5 – The Ultimate Quiver System from Fishrite

The ultimate rod transportation system has arrived. Fishrite present the Hi 5 Quiver System - capable of carrying five made up rods, bank sticks, landing net, bivvy or brolly and much, much more!

The system contains five detachable rod sleeves, marked 1,2,3, Spod & Marker, allowing instant identification of each rod, even when it’s fully zipped up!

Each sleeve has a heavy duty zip running from the top down to the base of the reel housing and has an additional safety flap running the length of the sleeve to ensure that line, spods, markers and hooks can’t get caught up in the zip during packing or during transit.

The base of each sleeve slots neatly into a pocket on the base of the quiver and a heavy duty quick release clip at the top of the sleeve attaches to the top of the quiver body holding everything safely in place. Three adjustable quick-release retaining straps situated at the bottom, middle and top allow extra protection during transport.

The main body is effectively one large pocket, measuring approximately five feet in length and over 20cm in diameter, large enough to hold many bivvy or brolly systems. A heavy duty zip runs two thirds of the main body length allowing easy access and packing into the main pocket. The outer body has two additional pockets; the first measures approximately 80cm and is perfect for bank sticks and net heads, whilst the larger pocket measures approximately 140cm and is perfect for landing net poles, umbrellas or brolly systems – both have zips and quick-release covers.

The wipe-clean heavy duty plastic base gives rigidity during transport or carrying and stops the sleeves coming free of the quiver, something many lesser quivers suffer from. The high quality body is finished with heavy duty padded shoulder strap and carry handle with reinforced seams.

1. Heavy Duty Carry Handle
2. Two external pockets for brolly’s, landing nets and bank sticks
3. Luxury padded shoulder strap
4. Sleeve base mounts ensure safe transportation

However, the best feature of the Fishrite Hi 5 Quiver has to be the price at just £69.99

Trev’s Verdict
The best rod quiver we’ve seen in years, and at this price it's a must have item for any session angler!

Just £69.99 at Trev's Tackle - Click here to go straight to the correct page.