Fishtec Snakes Polarised Glasses

Polarised sunglasses are, in most people's opinion, as important a piece of fishing tackle as a rod and reel. To fish effectively without them, especially in freshwater, is nigh on impossible. They give you such an invaluable insight into what's happening below the surface that it's hard to put into words. I've mentioned it numerous times before on this website, but the the first time I ever tried glasses with polarising lenses, I was gobsmacked...and a bit frightened at the pike I'd never seen before, following my lure almost up to my feet!

I tend to break things. Big things, small things and everything in between. Therefore, I'm unlikely to spend a fortune on any one item of tackle that could break....especially something such as glasses, that tend to find themselves sitting on my car seat just as I'm about to sit down. Therefore, cheap and cheerful is the order of the day. That said, they have to do the job they're meant to do!

Fishtec Snakes Polarised GlassesThese Fishtec Snakes Polarised Glasses look just the part. Fishtec stuff tends to be pretty good and, with this end of season price blowout, they come in at under a tenner at TackleBargains.

They feature:

  • Polarised impact resistant lenses
  • Ultraviolet block
  • Stylish, wrap round frames with a soft touch feel
  • Perfectly suited to the severe demands of fishing, whilst having the looks for everyday wear
  • Lens Colour: Brown

At the time of writing, TackleBargains are knocking these out at just £8.76 a pair. CLICK HERE to see if they have any left.