Gelert Single Slice Folding Toaster

They say it’s the little things that count, and when it comes to handy little innovations that allow you to get the most out of your session fishing food, we couldn’t agree more!

Gelert Single Slice Folding ToasterThis fantastic little folding toaster from Gelert means that you will never have to miss out again on the joy of hot crunchy toast again, no matter where you're fishing! Made from high quality stainless steel, this hardwearing wire grill has a mesh heat diffuser for even cooking.

The frame also locks providing great stability during use and the toaster has a folding wire handle for ease of packing. A great little addition to any session anglers food bag, just don’t forget the butter! 

Detail: Gelert Single Slice Folding Toaster

Price at time of publishing: £3.80

Available from: OutdoorGear - CLICK HERE for more information