John Wilson Six Shooter Combo

I really wish I had more time to browse some of the sites that Anglers' Net is affiliated to, as they often throw up a real gem and I'm sure that I must miss loads of bargains. This John Wilson Six Shooter Rod and Oberon Reel combo offer is a prime example – I was looking at a tackleshop website for something totally different at the time and noticed an advert for it on the homepage.

The Six Shooter has often been mentioned in the Anglers' Net forums and seems to be well rated as a versatile lure fishing rod for pike anglers. With this accompanying reel, the package looks like a good set-up for a fantastic price!

Here's the spec:

John Wilson Six Shooter ComboThe John Wilson Six Shooter pike rod is perfect for use with all types of spinners, lures and jerkbaits and when used with the Six Shooter reel you have the perfect combination.

It is ideal for Pike and Zander and can also be used for Perch and Chub on lakes, rivers and canals.

1 x John Wilson Six Shooter Rod - Trigger grip - 1 piece
1 x John Wilson Oberon Low Profile Reel - Line capacity 110m of 12lb line

I'm not sure if this is a limited time or limited stock offer, so please click here to see if it still applies. At the time of writing, the price had been reduced from £104.98 to just £50.