MAP F-16 16m Pole From Fishtec

If you're looking for a pole that will serve you well, yet not break the bank, then Fishtec have just the answer. And remember, you can order this online via their secure mail order site and have it delivered to your door, hassle free!

16m MAP CFS F-16 Pole with:

  • An integral match top 3 kit
  • 2 x Power top 2 kit
  • Cupping kit with Cup
  • MAP CFS pole holdall
  • Power Top 2 length (approx 3.16m)
  • Match top 3 kit (approx 3.22m)
  • Light and very stiff, responsive action
  • Elastic rating 18 on Power Top 2 kits
  • Elastic rating 12 with Match kits
  • Features new "DSF" Diamond finish, a Super smooth sanding finish for fast section shipping.

RRP £350.00, but click here to check the latest offer price from Fishtec!