Nash Box Logic TT Rig Station

Normally, we get to hear about new products through press releases and paid-for advertisements. With the Nash Rig Station, things have worked a bit differently. The carp fishing grapevine has been working overtime with this product and it's what everyone is talking about at the end of 2008.

You have to hand it to Kevin Nash and his team – they do come up with some seriously good ideas, which just goes to show how hours on the bank convert into carp fishing tackle that carp anglers REALLY want!

Santa is going to be busy this Christmas with the Nash Rig Station. Long gone are the days when anglers fumble around in bags for various bits and pieces to make their rigs, invariably losing a swivel, hook or safety clip in the bankside vegetation! As you'll see from the photo, the Nash Box Logic TT Rig Station eliminates all of that, making even the most disorganised carper a lean, mean carping machine!

nash_rig_station_960911775.jpgThe Nash Box Logic TT Rig Station features...

Total capacity tackle box - 46cm (l) x 30cm (w) with a double depth of 10cm to provide compartments to accommodate those larger items like spods and PVA.

Compartments with infinite variable partitioning. Supplied with four large and eight small dividers.

Lid/worktop features no ribbing to provide a smooth uninterrupted surface - Metric and imperial calibration for accurately tying rigs - Deep lip to prevent tackle spill.

Externally mounted water tank for critically balancing rigs or use for hookbait/popup storage.

Externally mounted Needle/baiting box. Foam lined main compartment for needles, baiting tools etc. Two lidded compartments for hair stops etc

Integrated spring-loaded adjustable legs with mud feet. Rig station height 33.5cm extending height 39cm

Storage draw with integral rig board. Supplied with 20 rig pins

Ready to go rig retaining loops.

In fact, the only thing it doesn't come with are the accessories in the photo, which you've probably got scattered around your various rig wallets, rucksacks and tackle boxes.

The recommended retail price is £79.99.


Where To Buy The Nash TT Rig Station:

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Ebay - Various New & Used - CLICK HERE