Nash Thermal Mug

I don’t know about you, but when we’re on the bank we like to have a proper brew in a decent sized mug. There are plenty of thermal mugs about, but too many of them hold precious little in them!

The other big problem in relation to fishing is that most of them are narrower at the base than they are at the top. This is to make them easy to fit into all the different sized drinks holders in cars, but what’s good in a car is to be blunt, rubbish out on the bank, as they tip over as soon as you look at them!

Thank goodness, then, for a proper sized mug with a decent base – and here we have it, the Nash Thermal Mug. This double walled stainless mug offers excellent thermal insulation which means your brew will stay nice and warm whilst you deal with that big fish on the end of the line… or more likely the ducks attacking your bait!

Nash Thermal MugFeatures

  • Thermal, twin-skin, insulated to optimise heat retention.
  • Supplied with insulated lid to keep your beverages hotter for longer.
  • Anti-spill (non-slip base)
  • Large capacity


We like this. A proper session fishing mug. Excellent design and excellent quality. Top Rated.

Available from: Sportfish

Price £9.99