Nash Total Mass Rig Putty

Rig putty has a number of important uses in specimen angling, yet remains unused by so many anglers out there trying to catch bigger and better fish. Most who do use it see it’s main use as anchoring down pop up baits rather than using a split shot, and whilst this is indeed a great tool for the job, for many it’s just as invaluable for keeping sinking hooklinks firmly pinned down on the bottom.

Nash Total Mass Rig PuttyYou may think that if the hooklink you are using is a sinking link, it would do just that; sink. But you’d be surprised. You only need the slightest twist in the link to make it coil up off the bottom, or the smallest bit of detritus on the lake bed and the link will sit up and stand out like a sore thumb.

As such, rig putty is also a vital component to sink your standard everyday hooklinks, in order to make sure everything gets pinned down on the bottom, all helping to make it more difficult for fish to pick out suspect tackle.

 - Specially designed for balancing pop-up presentations
 - Pins down hook links etc
 - Easy to use in both summer and winter
 - Super grip on any line

For many serious specimen anglers, having rig putty is as important as having hooks! Whether used in a pop-up or sinking presentation, it can be moulded to suit any application and may just be the difference between a fish on the bank or a blank session! Get some Nash Total Mass Rig Putty in your tackle box today!

Available from: Fishtec

Price: £5.99