Fancy a brew?

To say I like a brew on the bank might be a little bit of an understatement. OK, a massive understatement, but there's just something so relaxing about sitting on your swim, brew in hand, waiting for a rod to scream off.

It's amazing just how often it actually happens; a fish picking up your bait just as you are about to take a sip of your brew. So much so, that often when the going is slow, many of my friends will purposefully put the kettle on in the hope of stirring the fish into action!

To ensure that your brew remains nice and hot whilst you are away doing battle with monsters from the deep, you need to get yourself a thermal mug. They act in the same way that a flask does, so can keep a brew warm for ages, which is great if you suddenly need to deal with a fish, recast a rod, or help out a mate. I find them particularly effective when winter fishing as you can sip on a brew for ages with the added benefit of keeping your hands warm.

There are various types along the same theme but ideally you want one with a big base so it remains sturdy and upright on uneven surfaces, and ideally, you want one with a lid which will keep your brew hot for even longer periods.

This stainless steel version from Nash is just the job. It's sturdy, robust, and should last you for years to come. Available at: £5.99 from Hooked Tackle & Bait and don't forget, every purchase helps pay for the upkeep of this site!