Prescription Polarising Sunglasses … And More!

Over the years, many people have contacted Anglers' Net, either directly or via the forums, to ask where they can get prescription polarising sunglasses.

The use of polarising sunglasses in angling is almost vital at times. I don't wear prescription glasses myself, but the first time I wore polarising sunglasses was, quite literally, an eye-opener for me! I was quite heavily into lure fishing at the time and saw a whole new world - my fishing style changed, as I noticed every single ‘follow' from a pike or perch!

We were recently contacted by Spex4Less, who not only offer an online prescription glasses service (for all types of glasses, not just sunglasses), but also a commission if you buy via our link. It's this kind of scheme that helps pay the bills, as we don't hassle companies for advertising, preferring instead to opt for this kind of scheme, which rewards us for results!

The Spex4Less range is enormous, so please take a look if you are searching for any type of glasses (they also have non-prescription ones!).

Click here to visit their site.

Tight lines,

Elton Murphy - Editor