Rapala Lures Bargain Packs

If you've got a good lure, one that you know suits your fishing style and catches you fish, then there's no worse feeling than losing it. That's why many lure anglers carry more than one of each of their top lures.

TackleShop have noticed this and are offering a multitude of 'Rapala Lures Bargain Packs'. These are packs of three lures that are pretty much on a “Buy Two, Get One Free” basis. i.e. about 1/3 off the usual price.

Rapala Lures Bargain PacksThe offer applies to a whole host of Rapala lures, including:

  • Original Floating Rapalas
  • Husky Jerks
  • Jointed Floating Rapalas
  • Jointed Shadraps
  • Magnum Floating Rapalas
  • X-Raps
  • Countdown Magnums
  • Deep Tail Dancer
  • And many more....

Unfortuantely, Tackleshop have since closed down. Please CLICK HERE for more great Rapala deals.