Safe Passage® Carry-It-All Rod and Reel Case

As I sit here, at the beginning of a UK winter that has all the hallmarks of being a particularly cold one, the thought of travelling to warmer climes is just what the doctor ordered!

Flicking through the Orvis catalogue, I came across this little gem – the Safe Passage® Carry-It-All Rod and Reel Case.

The Orvis website is a fantastic site. Like many websites, it has the facility for buyers to review their purchases. Unlike many websites, Orvis actually has some customers and their items do tend to attract a lot of reviews!

Safe Passage® Carry-It-All Rod and Reel CaseThe Safe Passage® Carry-It-All Rod and Reel Case is an item that has attracted a lot of reviews. As I sit here, there are 37 of them already. As most people don't feel compelled to write a review every time they buy something, I can only begin to imagine how many of these they must have sold!

Every one of the reviews I read, bar one, recommended the product. It appears that one customer wasn't happy because the item isn't totally waterproof. It's sold as water-resistant, which means that it will resist splashing, but it isn't totally waterproof.

Although pitched as a carry-case for taking complete fly outfits on aeroplanes when jetting off on  holiday, including multiple rods and reels, it does appear that many fly-anglers use the Safe Passage® Carry-It-All Rod and Reel Case as a general tackle box for their everyday fly fishing. And what a handy piece of kit it has turned out to be! The hard, fully padded construction protects gear, and removable dividers house your reels. Special fasteners hold your rods in place and protect rods without need of tube.

There are clear and zipped interior and exterior lid pockets for storing tippets and leaders.

The Safe Passage® Carry-It-All Rod and Reel Case comes in  forest green. There are two versions available, the Large and Extra Large. Approximate dimensions are 31"L x 9"W x 5"D for the Large size and the XL case for 4-pc. rods up to 11' measures 36½"L x 9"W x 5"D.

At the time of writing, the large case was on offer for just £84 (usual price £99) and the X-large case was a snip at £109.

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Safe Passage® Carry-It-All Rod and Reel Case