SmartBait Fish Oils

Equally at home in sea or coarse fishing environments, these oils from UK Fishing Tackle will be a welcome addition to anybody's fishing tackle.

The text below is taken direct from their site:

"These oils are of the highest quality, un-refined and pure. All oils come in 150ml bottles.

Use as a bait soak/dip for any sea bait (although these work especially well with SmartBait sea sticks). They work similar to boilie dips/glugs in that they add another 'attractant' to your bait, which helps draw fish in from other areas.

The oil can also be added to any base mix to further heighten it's potency."

At the time of writing, these oils were available in:

  • Atlantic Red Salmon
  • Crab & Salmon
  • Shellfish & Salmon
  • Mackerel

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