Specimen Carp Porter Barrow

Take a load off with this unbelievable offer we’ve found on the Specimen Carp Porter Barrow. The normal retail price is £129.99 but we’re routed it out in the No14fishing eBay Store for just £59.99!

Using a barrow is a great way of spreading the load and their use is now just as popular with pleasure and match anglers as it is with specimen anglers, enabling you to get all your kit to the bankside without giving yourself a hernia!

Specimen Carp Porter Barrow

The Specimen Carp Porter Barrow is just the job for those who want pure functionality without all of the unnecessary extras which if anything, just add extra weight. With fully adjustable side bars and front bar, the loadable platform area will take even the largest of loads, and the platform feet will stop the back end from sinking down when on boggy ground.

The rod bar at the back is fully adjustable so you can get your rods sitting just right during transit, or for those who still like to carry slings over their shoulder, the rod bar can be removed completely.

The heavy duty pneumatic wheel and tyre are pretty much bombproof, and with its wide profile makes the barrow easy to manoeuvre on even the trickiest of terrains.  The manufacture is robust and built to last, allowing you to carry loads of 150lbs with ease.

The other great thing about the Carp Porter is the ease in which it can be broken down after use. Large scale plastic grub screws on all bars and legs mean you can quickly strip it down to the frame, and with the wheel and rod bar coming off in the same way, you can quickly break it down to a flat pack for easy transit in the car.

The original and still the best…

Available from: No14fishing eBay Store - CLICK HERE

RRP: £129.99
Price: £59.99!