10 x 1oz Green Pear Leads for £3.99

Looking for a good deal on carp leads? Then check out this fantastic Bargain Hunt eBay offer sent in by forum member ‘Dean from Devon’. He was recently in the market for some new leads and sniffed out this cracking deal for Ten 1oz coated leads costing just £3.99 – now that’s what we call a bargain!

Cheap fishing weightsThe leads are made with a heavy duty camo green plastic coating and have a quality swivel lead fitting. Dean purchased the leads from the carpfishingsupplies eBay shop, and when we took a look at the range of leads they had on offer we were amazed by the choice; we counted 48 different listings for leads, with countless shapes, sizes, and colours on offer! Whatever kind of fishing lead you like to use, you’ll be sure to find a good deal.

What’s more, with a feedback rating of over 99% (at the time of publishing) you can expect a quality service, that’s certainly what Dean got, and we’re made up he decided to share the offer with our readership.

In return, Dean will receive a small prize in accordance with our Spot A Bargain, Win A Prize competition.

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