TF Gear Lite Speed Bivvy

The TF Gear Lite Speed Bivvy offers a flexible platform to suit the angler fishing in harsh weather conditions, as well as the summer angler wanting to be more at one with their surroundings. In the main, this comes from its ability to be fished in a lightweight or heavyweight guise, without the addition of a wrap.

The TFGear Lite Speed Bivvy's unique removable peak provides total front door protection even in high winds and driving rain. When the weather is more moderate, or when you desire total visibility of the lake, you can simply unzip the TFGear Lite Speed Bivvy's porch, pull back the sides and have complete visual access to your surroundings – making it easier to keep your eyes on the water.

TF Gear Lite Speed BivvyFeatures
 - Dynamic erection design
 - Total weather security
 - Flexibility to customise whatever the conditions

The TF Gear Lite Speed Bivvy’s pram hood design with a few neat twists means you have everything covered no matter what the conditions when you get to the bank. If it’s grim, you can fully baton up the hatches, if it’s nice you can fish it totally laid back, and let’s face it, with bivvies in the ultra-competitive price bracket, versatility is key.

Available from: Fishtec

Price: £199.99 (Also available: Wrap £129.99, Tension Bar £19.99)


Buy the bivvy, wrap and tension bar for just £299.99CLICK HERE