£4.99 For A Bite Alarm

Bite alarms are handy, there is no doubting it. Yes, they are usually seen as the 'tools of the trade' for carp anglers, but they also have a place in any coarse angler's tackle bag. I keep one with me when I'm river fishing, as often I don't like to stop fishing just to have a brew or a bite to eat. A bite alarm allows me to take my eyes of the rod-tip for a few minutes with the potential added bonus of a fish.

TF Gear Signature bite alarmSome people are put off bite alarms simply by their cost. A top-of-the-range- set of Delkims, for example, doesn't come cheap. But not everyone needs a set of those. For some, their needs are simpler and their wallet not quite so fat.

That's where these TF Gear Signature bite alarms come into play. At just £4.99, they are an absolute steal!

They don't offer all the whistles and bells of a more expensive alarm but, to  be honest, with a budget alarm that is a good thing; there is less to go wrong!

They do, however, claim to be weatherproof and totally reliable, which is what you need. They are supplied by Fishtec, who are a reputable online supplier, which is always a bonus. If anything did go wrong with yours, you'd have some comeback. That's not always the case when buying online.

You'd be hard-pressed to find cheaper bite alarms anywhere else, even on eBay. Have a look on http://www.bite-alarm.co.uk/ if you don't believe us.

We reckon these TF Gear Signature Bite Alarms are well worth considering. CLICK HERE to check availability on the Fishtec website.