Total Fishing Gear Chill Out Boots

Matt Hayes probably spends more time on the bank than most anglers. He also has the added bonus of being able to design the clothing and fishing tackle that he takes with him. Oh, how the other half live!

I've had a few bits and pieces of Total Fishing Gear (TFG) tackle and clothing over the years and, whilst I don't own a pair of these boots, it's a brand that I have every faith in. The items I own are all still going strong and have proven themselves to be very well made.

Total Fishing Gear Chill Out BootsAt the time of writing this piece, we're just experiencing our first proper frost of the winter and many anglers are frantically searching for a way to keep warm. Your feet and your head, especially, need ample protection when temperatures plummet.

The TFG Chill Out Boots have been designed and field-tested to sub-zero temperatures, are 100% waterproof, fleece-lined and should prove to be warm and comfortable. The thermal sole also boasts a 'Sure Foot Grip' – many 'wellington' style boots are lacking in this department, so whatever brand you buy, it's always best to check the sole. Falling over is bad enough, but falling into a lake or river can have serious consequences!

The TFG Chill Out Boots have a RRP of £59.99, but are on sale for £49.99 at the time of writing. CLICK HERE for further details and a video of Matt Hayes discussing these boots.