TFG Primal Force 8 Extreme Bivvy

Set up in less time than it takes to get most bivvies out of their bags, the TFG Primal Force 8 Extreme Bivvy is without doubt one of the quickest erect bivvies available. Designed using the very latest aero grade aluminium poles that not only give incredible strength and durability, but also ensure that the TFG Primal Force 8 Extreme Bivvy is light and easy to transport.

The bivvy is manufactured using high-grade oxford nylon to guarantee 100% waterproofing and to ensure a long and trouble free performance. The material is twin skinned to maximise comfort and create a warm, thermally insulated condensation free environment. The bivvy has an integrated porch area that gives extra storage space.

TF Gear Primal Force 8 Extreme BivvyFeatures

  • Erected in under 15 seconds
  • Aerospace aluminium poles give ultimate strength
  • Heavy duty 6oz denier fabric
  • Twin skinned to eliminate condensation
  • Built in groundsheet for extra warmth and comfort
  • 100% waterproof guaranteed
  • Available in 1 and 2 Man

Whilst it’s important to point out the 15 second claim for erection may not include getting it out of the bag, laying it out and pegging it down, there’s no doubt the bivvy is quick to get up when compared to others of the same design. For the price it comes packed with features and goes to show that a decent top spec bivvy need not cost the earth.

Note – at the time of publishing the price below includes a free TFG bedchair, so do check for the latest deals and special offers.

Available From: Fishtec

Price: 1 Man £249.99, 2 Man £289.99