TF Gear I-Tone Bite Alarm Set

In Brief
The TF Gear I-Tone Bite Alarm Set offers an all in one alternative to buying expensive individual alarms and remotes. The set comprises three super sensitive roller driven bite alarms, linked to a digital cordless remote receiver with detachable table top base.

Product Review
The TFG I-Tone Bite Alarm has been designed to inform you the instant a fish picks up your bait. A high quality roller delivers outstanding early warning bite detection, while digital circuits supply a reliable weatherproof alarm system that will never let you down. Features of the TF Gear I-Tone Bite Alarms include;

  • TF Gear I-Tone Bite Alarm SetInstant bite detection
  • Reliable in all weathers
  • Remote wireless receiver
  • High visibility LEDS
  • LED’s remain active for 20 seconds after bite
  • Long battery life
  • Volume control
  • Tone control
  • Easy to use deluxe alarm system

Brand Synopsis
Although a relative newcomer to the industry, the TF Gear brand, headed up by all-round angling supremo Matt Hayes, has quickly become established as a major player in the fishing tackle market. TF Gear offer innovative ranges to suit all budgets, with products backed up by continuous development and design. Definitely a brand here to stay.

There are bite alarms to suit every budget, but let’s face it, top end offerings don’t come cheap and could set you back the best part of £500.00 for a three alarm set up with receiver! Feasible as a one time investment for the dedicated angler with disposable income to burn, but what about the angler on a tight budget who still wants the functionality and features to allow effective specimen angling day or night? That’s where all in one sets such as this come in. They do exactly what you need them to do offering sensitive bite detection with volume and tone adjustments, with the benefit of remote digital pick up when required. When it comes to value for money sets such as this, TFG have the market pretty much cornered, offering some real quality gear that’s head and shoulders above the rest. Recommended.

Recommended Merchant
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