Tidewater Two Piece Flotation Suit From Shakespeare

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So, without further ado, here's the latest Anglers' Net Ebay Deal Of The Day:

Tidewater Two Piece Flotation Suit from Shakespeare

 Tidewater Two Piece Flotation Suit from Shakespeare

The Tidewater two piece flotation or floatation suit - CE approved to extreme conditions as a Constant Wear Survival suit specified by EN1913-1 and EN393. Hi-vis orange/blue for visual safety. Fully approved marine grade retro-reflective tape Jacket * Superior floatation *Detachable hood fastened by velcro / drawstring closure * High fleece lined storm collar * Neoprene cuffs * Breast & front cargo pockets * Whistle * Zipped inner pockets * Wrist flushing straps Trousers * Super floatation with best quality closed cell foam * Two large front cargo pockets * Ankle flushing straps