Total Fishing Babes Calendar 2012

If you're looking to buy a carp fishing calendar, then Total Fishing Babes may be just the ticket!

Packed with quality photographs of model women cradling big carp, this is bound to be a hit with carp anglers the world over.

From the Fishtec website:

Beautiful women with monster carp – every fisherman's dream!

Imagine red hot babes, imagine huge carp, imagine no longer, your fantasy is now reality!

Total Fishing Babes Calendar 2012

Total Fishing Gear presents the ultimate calendar for fishing fanatics.

  • Month after month of sizzling babes cradling giant carp!
  • A stunning collection of photographs that will delight every angler!
  • Discover a new babe every month and have your best year ever!

Total Fishing Babes Calendar 2012

At the time of writing, the Total Fishing Babes 2012 Calendar was just £7.99. CLICK HERE to check out the latest price, along with a list of any other fishing calendars we've managed to track down!