Women In Waders Calendar 2011

Who said fishing wasn't sexy? Okay, put your hands down. I can't count to that many!

So, it's true, angling isn't really sexy, is it? It's all about men of a certain age, covered in fish slime and bits of bait, talking a load of nonsense. Hang on, though, this may change your mind....

Women In Waders 2011Women In Waders 2011 is a calender of twelve stunning women, tastefully photographed, in angling environments and wearing bikinis and waders. I have a sneaky feeling they'll be selling quite a few copies of this. Trust the Americans to hit upon such a perfect combination!

Traditionally, mechanics have their not-so-classy calendars hanging up in their workshops, and now us anglers have our own version. The difference being, the women in Women In Waders do have SOME modesty!

This is a perfect Christmas gift for the angler in your life and, if you think the misses won't buy you one, you could always buy your own!

Priced at £13.99, that's a little over £1 a month for a daily smile. Can't be bad! CLICK HERE to check if there are any left in stock.

I was going to squeeze a pun about stockings in, but these ladies seem to have ditched them in favour of something more waterproof...


P.S. Ladies – rumours of a Men In Match Aprons calendar are yet unconfirmed. I'll keep you posted!

Women In Waders 2011