Zippo Pocket Warmer

Zippo are well known for making lighters, so it's no surprise that they also make one of the best-selling pocket / hand warmers on the market.

Zippo Pocket WarmerWith its high-polish metal finish, this is a stylish pocket warmer from a brand you can trust. Just like any other pocket warmer, simply follow the instructions to add lighter fluid, show it a flame, pop it into its bag and away you go. Hours and hours of warmth for very little expense.

Having freezing cold hands is never nice, but it's especially annoying when you're fishing. Tying knots, baiting up, casting and everything else becomes a problem. This is made even worse when your hands get wet – an inevitable part of fishing. With a pocket warmer, you can sort out the problem of cold hands immediately. And, when you're not warming up your hands, the Zippo pocket warmer stays in your pocket, keeping your body temperature warm and cosy. Perfect.

At £19.99, these Zippo Pocket Warmers are a steal. In fact, they're a lot cheaper than many of the unbranded ones you'll find elsewhere. They'll be in many stockings this Christmas, so grab yours now! It's an ideal gift for the angler in your life and one of those presents where getting tow would actually be a bonus!

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I'm hoping Mary Christmas will buy me a new one. The elves keep pinching mine!


P.S. For the ultimate carping-combo, pair it up with one of THESE zippo carp lighters!

Price correct at time of publication.