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Big Carp Issue 247

Big Carp Issue 247 is out now. Here's the editor's intro..... SPRING TACTICS SPECIAL ISSUE Have I got an incredible mag for you this month or what? I promise you, there’s something for everybody – huge carp, sound advice, exclusive stories, monsters from off the beaten track and articles you will never see anywhere but in

Angler’s Mail – 17th May, 2016

TWO new series start this week in your essential Angler’s Mail magazine, which brings you the very best coarse and carp fishing coverage. Bill Rushmer beings a new series Back to School and Dave Coster delivers Commercial Fishery Edges. You’ll learn loads from these masters of their craft. Carp Crew welcomes Darrell Peck in as

Angler’s Mail – 12th April, 2016

THE new issue of Angler’s Mail magazine includes an inspiring appearance by Urban Banx star Alan Blair in The Specialists. Alan shares some of his secrets of success to help you and others enjoy urban angling this year. Get streetwise; read it! This week’s Angler’s Mail is bursting with more must-reads and exclusives, including: Angler

Angler’s Mail – 23rd February, 2016

Some news about the latest edition from Angler's Mail Editor, Tim Knight: BIG perch star on the cover of the new Angler’s Mail issue as there’s a brilliant session recounted inside… in Steve Collett’s own unique style! The essential AM magazine has a special tribute to a pike legend who has died, reveals Kevin Nash’s

Angler’s Mail – 16th February, 2016

Here's a bit about what to expect this week from Angler's Mail editor, Tim Knight: THERE’S a whopping 41 lb pike on the cover of this week’s Angler’s Mail magazine – and so much to enjoy inside the issue. Carp Crew’s special guest is Scott Maslen, the EastEnders star who’s been in big carp form