Birthday PB for Solar Tackle team member

Birthday wishes don’t come much bigger or better than this. This impressive 64lb 4oz common has been landed by Solar Tackle team member Max Reichard on his birthday while on a session in France using the Solar’s TunaMino boilies, current under testing. “The start to the session was slow, but after changing my approach and

New Bait-Tech Products For 2017

There's always lots of excitement when a fashion house reveals its latest collection, similarly when a car manufacturer launches a new model, a football club shows off the latest strip or a band announces a new album. Well for me, although I enjoy footy and music, I also really look forward to Bait-Tech's new additions to

Selfie kit that won’t break the bank

Most anglers these days carry around a phone capable of taking some stunning photos but how do you take that great selfie of your personal best fish when your on your own? Well for less than £5 you can get yourself the perfect selfie kit!! The first part that we found on eBay was the

Hillside fishery catfish are waking up

Hillside fishery has some superb catfish in it and they are starting to wake up. Tom Farrar managed this 40lb cat out of Peg 2 on Berts Pool early on Thursday morning. He was fishing with his dad who was targeting the cats with his baits and rigs while Tom was trying for the carp.

NEW Maver MVR Commercial Finesse Wagglers

Arriving at the end of the month are the MVR Commercial Finesse wagglers from Maver. Available in four sizes (2g, 3g, 4g & 5g), this concise new range lends itself perfectly to fishing on commercials.