Bolt Rig for Carp

A Bailiff has told me that my Rig is unsafe. I have been using a lead that has a swivel on it and I have fixed in place with two Swan shot. How can I make a Bolt-Rig without securing the lead to the line?

A Semi-Fixed Rig - what you have achieved, by fixing the lead in place, is a Fixed Rig. These types of rigs are very dangerous and should not be used under any circumstances.

Should, for whatever reason, your mainline break (between the rod and the lead) the fish will be towing line with a lead permanently attached. If the lead then became snagged the fish would be tethered and would almost certainly die as a result.

As a rule, ALL rigs must discharge the lead with relative ease should the mainline break!

There are loads of different ways to achieve the Bolt effect without having to permanently fix the lead to mainline. The safest way to achieve the bolt effect is to use a Semi-fixed rig.

A Semi-fixed rig will hold the lead in place, enough to anchor the lead and for the hook to prick the carp causing it to bolt. But, should the mainline break, the Semi-fixed lead would discharge leaving the fish with just line, which is not ideal, but safer than towing a lead.

From your description I assume that you are not using a swivel as part of your set up. In using a swivel you have more options available and reduce line twist.

The easiest method for a Semi-fixed rig would be to use a Safety Clip, alternatively you could use a Tulip Bead, a Safety Sleeve/Tail Rubber or Silicone Tubing.

To make a Semi-Fixed rig just thread the lead, using the swivel on the lead, onto your mainline, followed by a Tulip Bead.

Then tie a swivel onto the end of your mainline.

Push the Tulip Bead over your mainline swivel and then push the swivel (the one attached to the lead) over the end of the Tulip Bead.

To finish, make up a Hooklink, which you then tie onto the mainline swivel.

Always test your rigs before casting out. To do this, simply hold the Hooklink up and jolt the rig - the lead should discharge from the Tulip Bead and slide down the mainline.

Remember, if in doubt, don’t cast out!

Tight lines,