What is a 'Safety Clip' and when would I need to use one?

A Safety Clip is a small plastic clip used to attach a ‘Pendant’ style lead to your mainline. The job of the Safety Clip is to allow the lead to discharge if ever it became snagged on weed, gravel or anything else for that matter.

Safety Clips will allow the normal use of Pendant leads up to 5oz without discharging during the cast. However, should the lead become snagged it will simply slip off the Safety Clip enabling the fish to be ‘played’ normally without the further risk snagging.

Korda, Fox and Nash all manufacture a Safety Clip, these are stocked in most tackle shops. The Safety Clip, Tail Rubber and Anti-Tangle Tubing are threaded onto the mainline before the Hooklink swivel is tied on.

The selection of the right sized Hooklink swivel is important, as the swivel needs to have a relatively tight fit within the bore of the Safety Clip. This will make sure that the lead discharges well before the Hooklink swivel is pulled from within the bore of the Safety Clip. If the Hooklink swivel is pulled from the Safety Clip before the snagged lead is able to discharge then the fish will have to be ‘played’ through a tethered lead and Safety Clip.

The ease in which the lead is discharged can be altered by how far the Tail Rubber is pushed over the lead retaining lug. The Tail Rubber must also be moistened with saliva before being pushed over the lug.

Full instructions on how to assemble the Safety Clip are usually supplied when buying the Safety Clip kit.

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