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A Guide to Angling With The Centerpin Reel

The use of the reel was first referred to in English angling literature in Thomas Barker's The Art of Angling (1651). However for our purpose, the modern centerpin action reel was invented by Henry Coxon around the turn of the last century - this reel was to evolve into the Alcocks Aerial. This reel was

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Words And Photographs By Alistair Hopkins

Cheap And Effective Groundbait

Make youself some cheap and effective groundbait by putting fresh slices of white bread in your food liquidiser. Cut off the crusts first and then liquidise. This is best fed into the swim in small amounts as neat it will feed up the fish. Fish a piece of breadflake, paste or punch over the top.

Keep Those Trebles Out Of The Car!

When carrying ready made Pike rods with snap tackles on, stop the hooks catching on the car seats, you or bankside vegetation by covering them with a section of pipe insulation. Much better (and cheaper) than lead bands. Budgie  

Dead Maggots

Use dead maggots in areas with silty bottoms. These cannot wriggle into the silt and they will also remain visible in areas of blanket weed. To kill, seal in a plastic bag and freeze. Steve Randles