Coarse Fishing Articles

Worm Tip

Thread worms once only through the saddle, nip off 1 inch of worm from the other end, and rehook this part. The natural amino acids found in a worm will draw fish to your hookbait. Steve Randles

Float Tip

Dot that float down to a quarter of an inch or less. We all know this trick, but walk round your local lake and less than 2 in 10 actually do it!!!! Steve Randles

Be Prepared!

Always carry at least two disgorgers in separate pockets/boxes, in case you lose one. I also carry a pair of forceps. Steve Randles   Disgorgers For Sale


Always endeavour to use smaller shot instead of the recommended shotting. 3BB stick float = 12 No8. This way you can easily change the shotting pattern to help your hookbait's passage through the swim to appear more natural. Steve Randles

Mark It!

When you have found the depth for your float, mark it on your rod using tippex. Then, if you change hooks or shallow up, you can always return to the original depth later. Steve Randles