Coarse Fishing Articles

Winter Wormer

Chop up 15-20 worms and add a handful of "Crushed" Casters, this will get bites on all but the bleakest of days. Steve Randles  

Worm Tip

Thread worms once only through the saddle, nip off 1 inch of worm from the other end, and rehook this part. The natural amino acids found in a worm will draw fish to your hookbait. Steve Randles

Float Tip

Dot that float down to a quarter of an inch or less. We all know this trick, but walk round your local lake and less than 2 in 10 actually do it!!!! Steve Randles

Be Prepared!

Always carry at least two disgorgers in separate pockets/boxes, in case you lose one. I also carry a pair of forceps. Steve Randles   Disgorgers For Sale


Always endeavour to use smaller shot instead of the recommended shotting. 3BB stick float = 12 No8. This way you can easily change the shotting pattern to help your hookbait's passage through the swim to appear more natural. Steve Randles