Coarse Fishing Articles

Bread Flake

When using this, it should be hooked so lightly that when you retrieve your tackle, it has gone. Don't worry, your bait WILL stay on the hook!! Steve Randles  

Float Fishing Deep Water

Float fishing deep water and do not want to use a sliding float? Find the depth, set your float to the depth, then coil up the line between bait and float and tie with PVA. If using this method, make sure that your float will slide on the line, because the float is going to

Care When Livebaiting

When using a live bait on a free roaming float rig, always use an up-trace as if not the bait can swim up, pivoting on the lead, and a bite off can occur if just nylon or braid is there. Budgie

Floating Lines For Livebaits

Lines for drifting and all float work with live baits must float. Vaseline is as good as most proprietory line greases and cheaper. Budgie

Night Sight

When using semi barbed trebles at night for Zeds, paint the barbed hook white. It makes baiting up much easier. Budgie