Bait-Tech Advanced Bait Solutions 4

Although this FREE video from Bait-Tech was released in 2015 Advanced Bait Solutions 4 is full of highly informative and useful information.  It is presented in a way that is entertaining so will keep you watching it. Obviously the video promotes the Bait-Tech range but it does it in a way that actually gives you

Operation Clampdown’ on the River Severn!

Operation Clampdown' on the River Severn! A great turnout by VBS volunteers today with 10 bailiffs and myself joining forces with EA Fisheries Enforcement Officers to patrol the Severn from Gloucester to Bridgnorth.  Pleased to say that those we encountered fishing the river were mainly legitimate salmon or eel anglers but four others were given

Julian Cundiff – Question and Answer

We recently caught up with a true gentleman of fishing the one and only Julian Cundiff.  If you are into your carp fishing then Julian will be a person you have come across somewhere along the line, offering great advice on rigs and fishing styles, Jules is one of those anglers that will always try

Homemade Chopstick Lures

Have you ever considered making a fishing lure from chopsticks??  We hadn't until we saw this video on youtube, we think these look quite cool to make.  The action in the water on this video is actually surprisingly good for such a simple.  

Latest issue of Anglers Mail

ANGLER'S MAIL print magazine is a must-read this week - and it's got a huge bream, the year's biggest, gracing the front cover. What a fish! Read all about it inside.   This week's issue offers 61 hot lakes for your Bank Holiday weekend. They're picked by genuine, respected regional experts, not journalists in an