Which Fishing Socks Should I Buy?

In winter, it’s vital to keep your feet warm. The best way to do this is by creating a layered system with your footwear. Our best advice is to go for a three layer system utilising a think inner lining sock, a heavy weight outer thermal sock, and finally a decent set of boots – ideally with an insulated thermal lining.

With regard to the socks, the outer heavyweight sock is the one you need to concentrate on. You can get fancy inner thermal liner socks costing anything between £10.00 - £20.00 per pair, and whilst they will be effective, if we’re honest – unless your feet sweat like mad as a matter of course – then a thin pair of socks out of your draw at home will usually suffice – it’s the layers that are important.

Getting the right outer sock is vital; you need something thick enough to trap the heat, but which will also breathe to prevent your feet sweating. A perfect example of these modern thermal socks would be the TF Gear Thermal Lined Fishing Socks which have a TOG Rating of 2.34.

TF Gear Thermal Lined Fishing SocksThe TOG rating is an industry standard for measuring the thermal resistance of textiles, and to be blunt, a pair of socks that can get a rating of 2.34 is bloody fantastic! The key to their thermal properties is the extra heavy bulk acrylic yarn, which is brushed to give an incredibly soft feel, but which more importantly, allows it to trap greater amounts of warm air.

In layman’s terms, this means your feet will stay much warmer, for much longer as the heat lost from your feet is prevented from escaping as quickly as it would wearing a normal cotton based sock.

In terms of construction, the socks are made from 91% Acrylic, 5% Nylon 3% Polyester and 1% Elastane, which means they will grip to your leg but without cutting off your circulation! Likewise, they will grip well enough so that you’re not always having to hike them up and will stay up in tandem with your inner liner sock.

What’s more, as we’re such nice folk, we’ve also dug out a cracking multi-buy offer that’s not going put a dent in your wallet. The Total Fishing Tackle eBay Store is currently offering three pairs of the TF Gear Thermal Lined Fishing Socks for just £14.99, and that’s with free postage! They have a positive feedback score of 99.9% so you can be assured of a good service.

By the looks of it they, have plenty of stock, so get your order in and say hello to toasty feet!

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They are also available from the Fishtec website. CLICK HERE.