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Early Days

This article was written in 1994, but has not been previously published Those of you who have read my series of articles on flavouring baits, and perhaps also read my book on the subject, will no doubt marvel at the rapid advances that have taken place in angling. Rods, reels, particularly lines, just look at

Advances With Luncheon Meat

Everybody uses meat for all sorts of species nowadays, and as a result fish are becoming more wary of it; so it helps the angler to stay one step ahead of the fish if he can do something different. The first stage is to flavour the bait with either liquids or powders. I have been

Using Flavours

When I wrote my Flavours and Attractors piece for Crafty Carper (Nov 98), I was very surprised at the large number of calls I received asking for further information. Some of these were very perceptive; which made me realize there are far more serious carpers out there than I thought. There are also many less

Outside Flavouring

The question I am most often asked is "How do I do outside flavouring"? So I say, you do it like this: 1) Get some plastic freezer bags from the supermarket, the ones with labels on. They come in three sizes, and you want the smallest. 2) Squirt the chosen flavour into the bag. (see

Flavours And Additives

For those of you who don't know me, I've been around for so long I don't even believe it myself! It's been said that when I started fishing the Dead Sea was only sick! In the late 1950's I modeled myself on Dick Walker, complete with floppy hat and cane MK IV's. Through the sixties