Outside Flavouring

The question I am most often asked is "How do I do outside flavouring"? So I say, you do it like this:

1) Get some plastic freezer bags from the supermarket, the ones with labels on. They come in three sizes, and you want the smallest.

2) Squirt the chosen flavour into the bag. (see the article 'Using Flavours' for the suggested amounts). A pipette is best for this.

3) Rub the bag, flat, between your hands until all the flavour is smeared on the inside of it, with no drops left in the corners.

4) Drop in 100x15mm boilies (more if smaller, less if larger). Blow up the bag and shake well, until all the boilies have a shiny look

5) Write on the bag label the flavour used and the date, seal it with the 'twist it' supplied, then freeze it. It is the freezing/defrosting process that helps lock the flavour into the skin of the boilie.

The flavour levels quoted are for Braddock's Baits products, which are highly concentrated and have built in 'stick on' ability. Flavours from other companies may need a higher level.